English Level Test



Click on the button ( ) to choose the best answer for each question.

1. There _________ books on the shelf.

    is no    isn't any    aren't any    isn't some

2. Where __________ work?

    do your brother    your brother    is your brother    does your brother

3. They _________ a wonderful concert last week.

    see    seeing    have seen    saw

4. She swims very _________.

    well    good    beautiful    better

5. What time _________ yesterday?

    came they    they came    did they come    do they come

6. She __________ last Monday.

    not work    didn't work    not worked    don't worked

7. They were _________ work last Saturday.

    at    in    on     by

8. Houses are __________ cars.

    expensive than    more expensive than    most expensive than    more expensive as

9. When __________ born?

    she were    were she    is she    was she

10. My brother is a _________ football player than your brother.

    more better    better    best     more good

11. I go to the library _________ foot.

    on    by    by the    at

12. What ___________ ?

    he wears    he is wearing    he does wear    is he wearing

13. They ___________ to visit China in November.

    no going    aren't going    isn't going    not going

14. Where ___________ tonight?

    are we going    go we    we go    we going

15. Her birthday is ___________ 12th March.

    at    in    on    of

16. My brother doesn't like _________ in supermarkets.

    shopping    shop    shopped    to shopping

17. ___________ phoned his mother yet?

    Has he    Does he    Did he    He did

18. I _______ a lot of old school-friends at the party last week.

    was meeting    meet    met     am meeting

19. ___________ your house built?

    When did     When was    When have    When were

20. We didn't eat __________ special at that new restaurant.

    something    nothing    anything    everything

21. ___________ to Australia?

    Did you ever go    Did you ever been    Was you ever    Have you ever been

22. ___________ "The Phantom of the Opera"?

    Who wrote    Who writes    Who has written    Who had written

23. A lot of coffee ___________ in Brazil.

    are produced    is produced    produces     produced

24. They arrived while we ___________ lunch.

    prepared    preparing    prepare    were preparing

25. I'd like ____________ taller and thinner.

    be    that I be    to be    to being

26. I don't like golf. _________ do I.

    Also     So    Too    Neither

27. How often ___________ go to London?

    has he    does he    do he    he do

28. She went to Paris ____________ have an interview.

    for    to    and    about

29. ___________ worked here?

    How long have you    How time you    How long time you    How much time you

30. She'll miss the train if the taxi _________ soon.

    doesn't arrive    will arrive    won't arrive    arrive

31. The manager __________ .

    just arrived    have arrived    has just arrived    have just arrived

32. I asked my brother to __________ me £20 until Saturday.

    borrow    lend    gain    bring

33. She's only 16. She isn't old ___________ to vote in the election.

    very    for    enough    too

34. I don't think there ___________ a lot of rain this weekend.

    will be    are going to be    be    will not

35. They both look ____________ their father.

    as    like    alike    than

36. _____________ last weekend?

    What did you    What do you do    What did you do    What have you done

37. I've been studying Spanish ___________ now.

    three years ago    since three years    for three years    for three years ago

38. If you __________ travel anywhere, where would you go?

    can    could    --- did a

39. After a week, he realised that he __________ there before.

    had been    was    has been    was being

40. By Thursday, I __________ ten meetings.

    have had    was having    will have had    have

41. Would you mind ___________ the door?

    close    closing    to close    closed

42. Our boss ____________ a lot of overtime.

    make us do    makes us to do    make us to do    makes us do

43. I'm sure she would have phoned if she ___________ not to come.

    had decided    decides    is decided    decide

44. I __________ so much happier now if I'd decided to stay single.

    am    would be    was    have been

45. I __________ to play the piano but I'd like to learn.

    never could    never can    have never been able    never can be able

46. He _________ be German. He's speaking Russian.

    mustn't    can't    shouldn't    must

47. ___________ playing very well, England lost the match.

    Despite    Nevertheless    However    In despite

48. His doctor __________ to eat rich food.

    said him not    told to him not    told him not    told not

49. She insisted that she ___________ to France before.

    was never    has never    never was gone    had never been

50. We can't use our office because it ____________ .

    redecorating    is being redecorated    is redecorating    is being redecorating